P A R F É PERFUME  Made in France 

P A R F É, a 90% natural and alcohol-free fragrance range is born from this common passion for nature and aroma.


P A R F É № 1 : Unisex - Fragrance category: woody-floral.

P A R F É № 2 : Woman - Fragrance category: woody, chypre.

P A R F É № 3 : Unisex - Fragrance category: floral-woody, citrus.

P A R F É № 4 : Unisex - Fragrance category: floral-chypre.

P A R F É № 5 : Woman - Fragrance category: floral musk.

P A R F É № 6 : Woman - Fragrance category: fruity-floral.

P A R F É № 7: Woman -Fragrance category: fruity-floral, sweet.

P A R F É № 8: Woman - Fragrance category: fruity-floral.

P A R F É № 9: Woman - Fragrance category: fruity-floral.

P A R F É № 10: Woman - Fragrance category: aldehydic-floral

P A R F É № 11: Unisex - Fragrance category: floral-powdery, woody

P A R F É № 12: Woman- Fragrance category: floral.

P A R F É № 21: Woman- Fragrance category: fruity-musky

P A R F É do not contain alcohol or water. Instead, apricot kernel dry oil is the basic ingredient used in all of the P A R F É fragrance range, which has been well known for centuries for its deeply nourishing and moisturizing qualities.

Compact size: The perfume comes in a 10-ml. size, it fits easily into the smallest handbag, and you can always take it along to work, on a trip or to an event.

Roll-on bottle : Convenience and EXTREMELY economic on-skin application allows using this perfume discreetly under any circumstances (unlike spray-on perfumes). *

12 different scents for EVERY occasion and event:

*P A R F É is born from the collaboration between perfumers concerned not only by the olfactory beauty of a perfume but also its dermatological qualities, by being passionate about natural raw materials and the environment, as well as by an exclusive partnership with one of the oldest factory Grasse, which is the manufacturer of essential oils and cosmetic and natural raw materials throughout the world.


Q: Why do different bottles of the same product sometimes vary slightly in color or scent?

A: That's the beauty of nature. Natural ingredients are not standardized and uniformly mass-produced the way synthetic ones can be. Botanicals, fruits and oils harvested from different farms at different times will look or feel different when used in a product. This is no different than if you pick up 2 oranges in the grocery store. . .they may look slightly different and taste slightly different. The benefit is that each product is slightly unique and offers a personal experience.

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