Breastfeeding Pack

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A bundle specially created for breastfeeding mothers. 

Bifina R + Herbilogy Breastfeeding Tea + Mega Malunggay Capsules + Zyji Luxury Toddler Pillow Set


Bifina R - good for digestion, improves gut flora & bowel movement, increase immunity and metabolism.  It contains live probiotic strains--2.5billion colony forming units. 

Herbilogy Breastfeeding Tea- made of 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, dyes, colors and medical chemicals. It contains 2 special extracts- Sweet Leaf and Fenugreek which helps stimulate breastmilk production and relax the breast muscles and widen blood vessels. 1 box contains 20 tea bags

Mega Malunggay - perfect for breastfeeding moms. Promotes the growth of the hormone Prolactin which is essential for stimulating lactation. Moringa Oleifera contains more Vitamin C than oranges, 3x the amount of iron in spinach, and 4x the calcium amount in milk. It also contains essential proteins and oils. Helps heal inflamed joints and tendons, and help normalize blood pressure and sugar levels. 1 Box contains 100capsules.


Zyji Luxury Toddler Pillow Set- includes 1pc Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow + 1pc Luxury Toddlerpillowcase. Made of 100% luxurious hotel linen cotton  with 300 threadcounts. Pillow is hypoallergenic and made of 100% cotton case and with microfiber filling. Can also be used as breastfeeding arm pillow.